Discover the Fun Stuff In Europe By Going to Italy


If you are venturing out of your home country for the first time and have your sights set on Europe then we would like to suggest stopping over in beautiful Italy. Whether you’re just passing through or centering your entire vacation there, it will be necessary to know a few facts and pointers to help insure that your time over there is as safe and enjoyable as can be.

One small write-up will hardly scratch the surface of information there is to know about Italy, its customs, culture, food and all the rest. Some random, yet interesting insight will be laid out here for the reader in hopes that something new can be taken away, stored in the memory bank and one day applied.

Dinner reservations are wise – At one time or another while in Italy you may want to dress somewhat formally and eat a proper dinner in a restaurant. It would be advisable not to get to a restaurant too early or you may end up pressing your face to the glass to see nobody else inside. This is because the restaurants open up for dinner between 7:30 – 9:00pm and they greatly appreciate calls in advance to place a reservation. Continue reading

What To See In Italy


If you are looking to witness something on the planet that you’ve never experienced before, then Italy is the right place for you to do it in! Spend a few moments with us now and get a taste of things to come as we explore some fantastic things to see while in Italy.

The ancient ruins of Pompeii – Discover this area of the widely known Roman town in the bay of Naples where two thousand lives were permanently buried by a volcano that would eternally freeze them in time, leaving them for us to observe even until this day. The baths, villas, homes and forum are just a few of the main attractions to enjoy while exploring this site.


The Duomo Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence - A glorious sight to behold and a must for any art lover or enthusiast of cathedrals from this specific era. Florence holds this structure as dear to them as the Parisians do their Notre Dame. It should be known that to many, the view will be best from afar but don’t miss out on a chance to walk up to the top of this spectacular masterpiece. Continue reading

What Will You Do On Your Trip To Italy?


So you’d like to travel to Italy would you? We think it’s a wonderful idea, too! Please take a time-out right now and just let us give you a few tips, pointers, suggestions or whatever you would like to call them. By the time you finish up here we hope you will have a better idea about how and why to spend a more enjoyable vacation in, “The Boot.”


Enjoy the people

If anyone ever told you that Italian people are warm, welcoming and quite typically passionate, then they were absolutely right! There is no question that this element alone is one of the finest motives for wanting to go there. If you are someone that loves to genuinely immerse yourself into a new foreign culture and soak it all in, you really should get out to the smaller villages and speak with the locals. Many have asserted that the Italian natives enjoy giving directions and passing out advice on how to enjoy Italy just that little bit more.

Wine and dine

There’s no doubt that millions of people across the planet every day are enjoying fine Italian wine and if you’re heading over there you can soon enjoy it first-hand. At every fine restaurant you can order some wine with your meal and you can even enjoy wine tasting tours around the country. As for Italian food, as the wise-guys say, “Forget about it!” It won’t matter what part of the country you’re in, every local region has its own unique cuisine for you to enjoy. It simply doesn’t get any better than Italy for food.

Let the scenery take your breath away

You might have a difficult time trying to convince Italians that there are much better locations for scenery in Europe and perhaps even the rest of the world. Whether you’re a writer on vacation looking to saturate yourself in the inspirational Tuscany landscape or a newlywed looking for a romantic gondola cruise in Venice, Italy could not possibly disappoint you with its charming villages that fall within the remarkable coastline and hillsides. Continue reading

Bearded Traveler in Italy?

Going to Italy soon? Don’t underestimate the smaller details during your planning process! It may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning your trip, but facial hair maintenance is equally as important when you’re not at home. You’re going to be introduced to a whole new climate that you (and your beard) aren’t accustomed to in Italy, as well as probably trying to stay away from the “bush man” look during your travels. If you’re gone for a shorter period of time or for a number of weeks or months, it’s important to know the value of a good traveling beard/detailing trimmer.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy - April 2007.jpg
Colosseum in Rome, Italy – April 2007” by DiliffOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Traveling trimmers aren’t going to be just your average set of blades you use at home and plug into the wall. You’re going to want something that you don’t have to rely on an electrical outlet to use. The plugs in Italy are not the same as North America, so may have to get an adapter regardless of whether you have a rechargeable unit or a corded one. You’ll want something that meets all of your needs during your travels so that you’re not under-grooming and over-stressing. There are plenty different models out there, so be sure to do a little research beforehand.

What to look for in a traveling beard/nose hair trimmer:

Most people agree that a cordless, rechargeable unit is the way to go when you’re traveling. These units can have just as much power as corded ones, all without the hassle of carrying around a cord and relying on the use of an outlet. Some cordless trimmers are water-proof as well, allowing you to bring them in the shower with you and get a quick face-trim done while you’re washing away the dirt of the day. You won’t have this option with anything that plugs into the wall. Who’s to say you will even have an outlet to plug them into anyways? If you’re going on more of an off-road backpacking trip, the rechargeable ones are a must-have. Some hold many hours of use, so you can possibly get your whole trips worth of trimming out of one single charge.

Reliability is key with a traveling trimmer as well. You don’t want to end up with a dead or broken trimmer part way through your trip and be stuck without one, or waste your money buying a new one you can’t even charge once you’re home. Spend a little more money and get a solid trimmer that suits your needs. These will last for more years than an array of cheaper trimmers combined. Along with a solid, reliable trimming unit lasting a long time, you’ll get far better results and ease of use out of it than anything cheap and not well made. Your face will thank you for not irritating it with dull blades and a weak motor.

Keeping clean and feeling like yourself when you’re on vacation is very important. Don’t be afraid to bring a nose hair/detail trimmer with you to get any pesky stragglers as well. Whether you sport a bit of stubble or a lengthy, full beard, don’t forget to bring your trimmer with you!

Paddle Board Destinations in Europe



When I traveled Europe it was very easy to get caught up in the lifestyle. Party hard in the evening wake up at noon and then walk around whatever city I was in with a crushing headache. It’s weird when you’re visiting another country you feel this obligation to shuttle yourself in the brutal state that you’re in so you can say “you’ve seen the country”. If you want to experience the country you have to get out and explore. Jump on a paddle board or go for a hike. Visit old museums and so forth. Do something that you’ll actually remember.

On my first adventures to Europe, this truly was one of my biggest regrets, that I did this way too often. I didn’t regret that I scurried around a city with my hat on low and my sunglasses fighting off a hangover. I regretted partying to the point of blacking out on most evenings and not being able to enjoy anything. The worst part came when my trip ended and I had to go back to home. Nothing is quite as depressing as coming off a two month bender. It’s brutal, I don’t know how rock stars do it.

Planning activities before the evening will help provide a certain level of accountability. Showing up hung over gets old pretty quick. One of my favourite things to do when I’m in any country (European or otherwise) is cruise around their lakes, rivers and oceans on a paddle board. It’s super relaxing- if you’re new to the sport check out this link to help you sort out which board to rent.

Here are a few of my top paddle board destination’s in Europe


I toured a huge chunk of Amsterdamn via Paddle. They have miles upon miles of canals and a huge ass river. It’s not as exciting as paddling in the ocean but if you’re down for a leisurely cruise Amsterdam SUPing comes highly recommended.

I recommend you take a day and haul yourself over the island of Pampus. Really cool and only accessible by water, because it’s ya know an island. Paddling is a wicked way to mosey around it and take it all in while getting some rays.

The Friday evening social paddles are an absolute blast as well. You and hundreds of others will cruise through the town with music pumping from a nearby boat.

The Mediterranean Sea In South France

Really anywhere along the Mediterranean Sea will do just fine. It honestly doesn’t have to be France it can be any country connected to this awesome Sea. It’s really, really beautiful and one of the coolest ways to enjoy it is by man powered boat (aka the paddle board). If you do some research and get adventurous you can really find some cool inlets that are totally secluded.

Stagnone Lagoon Italy

Another really beautiful spot in Sicily, Italia. It may not be as fun to explore as the Mediterranean or Amsterdam but it is very breath taking. In terms of taking it all in, this is pretty hard to beat.

Popular Outdoor Activities in Europe

From the dramatic peaks of the Swiss Alps to the crystal waters of the Dalmatian Coast, Europe has long been an ideal travel destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts looking to explore new and distant lands. Whether you are looking to hike the rugged Rhodope Mountains, ski through the scenic beauty of the Alps or kayak the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Europe has something to offer to everyone.


Europe’s diverse terrain provides an array of water activities for tourists including rafting, surfing, swimming and kayaking. Yet as far as water sports go, it is hard to beat the mobility and excitement of kayaking. Thrill seekers looking to navigate turbulent waters can brave the tides of the Menai Straight off the eastern coast of the United Kingdom while couples looking for a romantic yet adventurous getaway can enjoy twin kayaks in the calmer, scenic waters of Sardinia, the Dalmatian Coast or Greek Islands.

Outdoorsmen may prefer a self-guided kayak fishing trip through the numerous rivers, lakes and oceans found throughout Europe. The United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Netherlands are well known for their accessibility and abundance of fish. If planning a fishing kayak trip, be sure to equip yourself with the best kayaks for anglers available as they may be difficult to purchase or rent at your preferred location.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow sport enthusiasts seeking to broaden their horizons outside of traditional American ski resorts have long fled to the drastic slopes of Europe in search of its rugged terrain and steep runs. While conditions vary drastically by region and season, the terrain in Europe is generally rougher and less maintained than its American counterpart with ungroomed runs and less defined ski territories. However, advanced skiers and snowboards will find an abundance of challenging terrain and high quality snow conditions.

The Swiss and Austrian Alps have long held the title of the best skiing in Europe, a commendation that is not likely to change in coming years. Whether one is searching for vast fields of untouched powder, sharp freeriding backcountry terrain or simply the striking view from a rustic mountain lodge, the Alps provide an ideal opportunity for everyone to enjoy some of the best and most-scenic ski conditions in the world.


One of the benefits of hiking in Europe is the wide variety of terrain that one can find. Hardcore hiking extremists can brave the Tour du Mont Blanc in France, or the wintery extremes of the Swiss Alps, while casual outdoor enthusiasts may prefer the Seven Lakes of Rila in Central Bulgaria or the hillsides of the Tuscan countryside in Italy.

One of the most popular hikes for American and European tourists alike is the Camino de Santiago, a series of pilgrimages covering over 750 kilometers in France and northern Spain. Depending on your preferred starting and ending points, as well as the distance you cover daily, the hike can take anywhere from one week to a month.